At Puroform, we create homes where every detail matters – from initial dream to a fully refurbished and furnished house. Below you can see a presentation of some of our projects.

On going

Villa Sand

255 m2 interior, 2700 m2 plot

A charming beach house originally built in 1916 on an amazing location to be fully reformed. New outdoor pool area, guesthouse and a second complementary building with sauna.  

On going

Villa Terra

1005 m2 interior, 5000 m2 plot

A reform of the exterior and interior in this beautiful villa. Maintaining its character and preserving as much as possible of the existing floors and carpentry. 

On going

Villa Lirio

280 m2 interior, 950 m2 plot

A family home with a master suite with ensuite laundry room and baby nursery. Generous kitchen and open space living and dining.

On going

Laguna Verde

545 m2 interior, 900 m2 plot

Interior and exterior reform with new bespoke kitchen, laundry and bathroom carpentry. Outdoor lounge area and redesigned pool. Exterior details revised to give the house a more elegant look.

On going

Casa Siempre Viva

550 m2 interior, 1500 m2 plot

Breathtaking views in this rural villa. Construction of a spectacular paddle court on the mountainside with a small kiosk for drinks and ice-cream. Complete interior reform and construction of a new spa and gym area.

On going

Villa Vigolia

1000 m2 interior, 2500 m2 plot

Demolition of existing house on a plot and a new construction of a two-storey house plus basement.